to the unknowN

' freedom and tango ', 

Episode on Quarenteine 

from Montreuil,

april 2020.

Beginning of creation with the company Popolo Balagan ( Pyrénnés Atlantiques )

as clown collective.

Meetings made with Elena Sadkova, november 2020.


'Abysmo *

#Gestezchezvous, a Collectif Project from the Compny Hippocampe together with Théâtre Victor Hugo, Bagneux.

april 2020 from Montreuil, France.




Invitation to learn bases from

*MALABAR-ES* (juggling)

on quaranteine.

mars 2020, from Montreuil.


' Abuela '

un Cuaderno y una Caracola* 

Variationn of 'une Table, une Chaise, un Verre' from Etienne Décroux.

mars 2020.

30 years and  *





 Amaça ' s creation, 

between flavour & water *

Video from the presentation at 'La Voiex des Masques', at Sorbonne University, Paris 3, mars 2020.

erejum final .jpg

Creación del primer Trailer de CARAmVA  *

Junto a Piscoman en Paris, octubre 2019.

- ' Between Walls ' , with Federico Webe, Berlin .

 EREJUM's creation together with Maria Montera, Daniela Miranda and Inés Diaz.

4 Women from Bresil, Spain and Argentina, with imaginaries inspired del mundo del circo, la danza y el teatro comparten las ganas de crear a través del cuerpo, y sobre la mujer. 

Primer Presentación para la Semana de la Mujer, Colegio de España, Paris,

marzo 2020.

Desde Paris

y en un viaje hacia el Detalle.

Ecole International de Mime Corporel Dramatique, 2019 - 2020.



y CARAmVA va por

Koper, Slovenia, 

Frivolous Festival  .

un simple mensaje:

ser melodia juntos,

seamos sonadores ...

Creación del trailer

de PRR!, 

a Gathelhiemska Huset

junto a Juan Carlos Poblete.

Agosto 2019, Suecia.

Gran Agradecimiento a la Compania Piratas del Futuro.

FOTO ATICO  2019-09-05 a las

PRR! in the atic of Gathelhiemska Huset,

a place in the world

where continue discovering .

FOTO ATICO  2019-09-05 a las

' two bodies, one image '

together with Emma Udvige, 

Autoportante Company .

                                                  libertalia .


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at

' The passion move us,

the technic transforms

ourselves . '

by Teto Lagos,

that painter who looks. 

                                                  . a corner of world , with Juan Carlos Poblete .


' Insieme abbiamo creato questo momento unico

e irrepetibile nella vita.


Efimero come ogni instante pieno di belleza.

    Grazie. '


and that's how CARAmVA continue being arround the

streets, and in this tour over Toscana together with 

Valentina Gipsy

and her's Fire Poetries.

                                                               july, together   ' Il Girando Poetico '            



  .. and what about a speak for a more beautiful world? with Jorge Alcaide . 



the sea rises and with her a sail .

kronhuset en carreta.jpg

     over the clouds

  direction Goteborg,



they, us.

Sisters of life and way, a sol y sombra .

 Marita & Caracola , 

          leti y eri 

Gracias por la valija allí apilada y empilada de una abuelita,
Gracias Ginette por el sombrero, y al mercadito de Sassari por los zapatos.
Gracias Francesa por el vestuario, y Jean por el maquillaje y tanto.
Gracias Giulia y Valentina por sus poemas en italiano de madrugada.
Gracias Andrea una vez más por esa música tan hermosa que acompaña mi movimiento.
Gracias a los tantos niños de este viaje por traerme al presente,
Gracias Nehuen por tu presencia,
Gracias Camillo y Gandhi por recordarme lo animal,
Gracias a los viajeros por compartir el viaje,
Gracias al que hoy al leer esto agradezca aquello que tiene recordando que es, tal vez, también efímero .

y a seguir girando !


Kultur auf der Strasse, Neu-Ulm, Germany .


CARAmVA is for me ay ay ay,                                               7.08.2019

challenge and meeting.

a little suitcase and a lot of game.

it is construction from improvisation.

wanting and hearing.

is watching the others and asking for myself why are they there,

what is happening,

what of this 'being' wakes them up,

what is inviting them to want.

CARAmVA es CARA que VA m over here, m over there .

a street experiment, una frontera desarticulada.


Saludo a aquellos tesoros que hace ya un mes se fueron.
Saludo a mi primer valija de creación.
los saludo . . .
" y quizá quien la llevó al abrirla se hizo clown ", me dijeron .
" Ojalá " , respondí .
Por dónde andarás viajando,
qué de ti estarán creando,
Ojalá . . .

poesia de fango.jpg

- CONTROVERSO - ( primeros pasos )

In questo / mondo / social / smart /

di alta velocità / di HD /

più appari / più essisti /

più ti vendi / più vali //

le facce da profili /

rimangono incollate /

sulla nostra pelle /

come trucchi indelevoli //

abbiamo dimenticato/

la formula / della verità e dello struccante //.

[ ... ] por Giulia Paoli


Chic et Shok, por Pisa .

caracola y ginette.jpg

. learning from clown,

  from public,

  from improvisation,

  from hearing ...


               together with Ginette

                          through Sardinia .

    - July-


ginette y caracola.jpg


 … and starting Tour Time !

   - Girando en Caracola 2019 - 

at Recanati Art Festival .

   and from now  FACE TO FACE is

 PRR !

. pause .

Caracola in mouvement,

Andrea Maracci in music.

Gracias Progetto Slip Torino y Sunny Side Studios 

- juin2019-


and Caracola come back to the streets in

             CARAmVA !


                    A    clarinetist, 

                A clarinet at the end of the suitcase..

first stages:

Lyon & Turin

-may 2019 -


- april 2019 -

      . spring & mouvement .

 . And once more between skin, wood and borns, creating masks, this time for FACE TO FACE . And so an ' Artistical Collaboration ' borns together with Giovanni Balzaretti at ' La Bottega delle Maschere ' at Livorno.


                                                                    Then direction Turin,  Résidence                                                                            Part I at 'Progetto Slip', where the                                                                          research continue discovering this                                                                        ' new elements ' and being high.                                                                 


casi casi.jpg
casi volando.jpg

. almost flying .

From suitcase on hand and earth, 

to be flowing in the air.

From the beauty of deep empty of creation,

to the creation became matter, 

and face to a public who answer.

From imaginary to reality,

from Face to Face

Milano Clown Festival, mars 2019

' The complexity of simple when giving a value '

. I feel good on her.

watching to a world through her eyes.

from that body and that love for every detail. 

from that presence and intensity.


from that desire of existing in emotion.

the most pure that we still have.

an internal sing became matter.

what it is is that I can not exist alone, I need them to 'be' - but them, would they need me?

Residence at Theatre Art Montevaso 

Part II with Jean Méningue

thanks Francesca, thanks winter 2019

inicio neutrya.jpg

" Neutrya "

the mask as mirror,

as something that  with our hands transforming

from skin, wood an d borns.

in front of us and watching.

made of us and something else.

in a space ' between ' where both could exist 

on one being,

" personae "... no?


Grazie Balzaro e la bottega dal Teatro Agricolo, Livorno, jannuary 2019

. on stage .

believe on silence,

look to the public from real uncertainty.

. ' sense of all' . ( Decroux )

          … her moment . 

'première' à La Bégude de Mazenc,

with solstice after an autumn of creation.

Thanks to the Association Be Good for believing.

article cara .jpg


. if I believe I am, and they would like to take part of it.

.'autor' and interpreter of an own world.


Residence at Agricole Theatre Montevaso, Tuscany, Italy

Thanks Jean Méningue for the guide to the deep

Francesca for the abundance.

 crescent moon, silence and fire in moments of research


. Ia Creation begins.

A space. Convert - it. Become.


Littles treasures that arise and in each one of them a state in me.

emotions, times, contrasts, metaphors.


Saint Gervais sur Roubion,  La Drôme, France.

Thanks Nehuen for love and patience.

Association Ecologie Conscience for the space and for believing.


expression, way.

trace, discover, take it.

little, essential.

extra-ordinary. a-everyday.

out of a time.

observing, being.


* European Summer Tour 2018 * with -Between Dexterity and Disaster - by De Berenis Circus, coproduction with Teatro del Sottosuolo


- ' Hat Fair ' , Winchester, England 29 june - 1 july

- 4. Gromenade Strassenkunstlerfest 'Kunstler am Meer' Gromitz, Germany, 19 - 22 july

- ' 8. Duhner Promenadenkunstlerfest ', Cuxhaven, Germany, 26 - 29 july

- ' 16. Scharbeutzer Strassenkunstlerfest ', Scharbeutz, Germany, 2- 5 august

- ' OFCA ', Olesnica, Poland, 10 - 12 august

- ' Kulturkalas Festival ', Gothembourg, Sweden, 14 - 16 august

- ' Gothembourg Fringe Festival ', Sweden, 24 - 26 august

- ' Plasterart ', Bad Oldesloe, Germany, 30 - 1 september